About Us

About Kitsap County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC)

KCARC has an active affiliation with the ARRL and supports the goals of ARRL. Also we have strived hard to be an ARRL Special Service Club, which pledges to offer many activities and to offer training that benefit the hobby and the community. KCARC highly recomends its member join the ARRL to help support Amateur Radio.

Amateur radio includes a wide spectrum of communications, including AM, FM, Single Sideband, Voice, CW (Morse Code), Digital packet and radio teletype, satellite communications, radio direction finding, VHF and UHF repeater operation, and integrated internet and repeater operations.

The KCARC is also a service club dedicated to the furtherance of Amateur Radio, the enjoyment of the hobby by it’s members, the education of it’s members and the public in radio communication, and service to the community through communications support and other means To accomplish this the club holds various meetings and events, participates in local, state and national events, holds educational activities, and provides Volunteer Examiner (VE) testing to facilitate licensing of interested and qualified applicants. Primary activities include monthly Board of Directors and Membership meetings, regular VE examination sessions, participation in the ARRL Field Day, the Washington State QSO Party (Salmon Run), and Lighthouse on the Air. In all these events the public is welcome, and the enjoyment of all is a primary focus. The club also attends some of the activities of other clubs in Washington and Oregon.

To promote the exchange of information on a regular basis, the club holds four communications nets:Club Nets on Every Wednesday1900 – 440 Net 444.075Mhz Tone 103.51930 – 2 meter Net 145.43 Mhz Tone 88.52000 – 10 meter Net 28.330 Mhz2030 – 75 meter Net 3.983 MhzThese nets allow members and others to share items of interest and discuss club activities outside normal meetings.

The club’s public service activities also include helping handicapped amateurs, assisting the families of deceased amateurs (Silent Keys), and assisting with public events such as the Kingston 4th of July Parade and various local walking and biking events.

The club also mentors prospective and new members in amateur radio such that anyone interested in the hobby can readily have access to information and equipment needed to get started and get on the air. The club owns a travel trailer equipped with radios, antennas and other equipment to enable portable and emergency operation as well.